Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beer in Squirrels

Yes, I said beer in squirrels.  Just take a look at that picture for crap's sake.  In what some people (like me) could describe as the single most perfect bottle of beer for this blog, the BrewDog folks across the pond in the UK have developed the world's strongest beer weighing in at an ENOURMOUS 110 proof... 55% alcohol.  The beer is called The End of History.  Click that link to read more about it or watch the video below.  To top off this gargantuan feat, they have chosen one of the most hilarious bottling gimmicks of all time: they put that bottle of beer inside a squirrel.  As a dedicated beer drinker and admirer of all things squirrel, I will take it upon myself to buy one of these bottles of beer. 

What? What was that? You said it will cost $762 per bottle?  Maybe I'll have to save my pennies for this one, or in what some people (like me) would describe as a very generous act of kindness, perhaps those fine upstanding fellows Martin Dickie and James Watt would send me a bottle for review.  I'd be quite happy to report my findings here. 

The End of History from BrewDog on Vimeo.

I guess now is as good a time as any to tell you that my squirrel kill count is approaching a milestone - my current count is 190.


Lauren said...

Maybe you can be their squirrel provider....maybe they'll use the squirrels you kill to house their beer.

Anonymous said...

You should start a fundraiser on your blog. I'd give you twenty-five bucks to prime the pump.

CLamm The Cadillac Man

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Darla Dixon, Artist said...

Now I have really seen everything. There's something charming yet revolting yet funny yet sickening yet very cool yet very disturbing yet very geeky about these. I want one yet am freaked out by the very idea of seeing this in my house. I'm stymied, stupified, and have run out of words to describe this now.