Sunday, June 14, 2009


If you're out mowing the lawn, sometimes you come across a stray pine cone or stick that grinds and pops under the blade. You may smile and think manly thoughts about the horsepower lurking just inches below your fingertips... Then sometimes you stop dead in your tracks, blink a few times and realize that you have something quite unusual right in your own backyard - literally. Bright orange chanterelles right under your feet!

Here are a couple pictures of some wild chanterelles that decided to grow under our office window at home. I noticed them while pushing the lawnmower between our front and backyard lawn. Pretty damn awesome.


Christopher said...

Are you gonna serve them up for dinner sometime?


Drew Kleinhans said...

We did in fact eat some and survived to tell the tale - in other words, my identification was correct! With all this recent heat and not so much rain I don't think we're getting any more shrooms right away, but I do hope that more will pop up eventually.