Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back in NOLA

I am fortunate enough to be back in New Orleans again for the second time in about a month. What a fun city. I'm glad the dire forecast for Hurricane Gustav spared NOLA, although it did considerable damage to the north and west of the city. Walking through the back streets away from the crowds you get that patchouli, sandalwood & stale beer smell that wafts up every now and then that somehow reminds me of Black Crowes concerts. Good memories.

I ended up having a nice dinner at the Bourbon House Seafood & Oyster Bar. It's hard to stay away from the tourist traps here, especially on Bourbon Street, but these guys did a good job. I had a 1/2 dozen oysters on the half shell (ended up being 8 because they were in a giving mood I guess) and a redfish entree. I finished it off with a bourbon milk punch. I would go back if I had the option.

I was tempted to go spend some time and money at a jazz club but after a few drinks I figured I would save face and money and wander back to the hotel. I feel bad missing out on some good jazz, but we get some good music in Atlanta too. I plan on hitting The Black Keys concert tomorrow night in ATL. Yeah, I know they're playing in New Orleans as I type but I've got friends going to the Atlanta show so I'll wait and see them there. If you don't know The Black Keys, prepare to get your ass blown off. Thanks to NOLA for a good evening.

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